5 Ways to Add Character to Your Home

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Home Improvement

If you look around your house and realize that you are in need of some character, it can make you anxious. Adding character can mean upgrading and remodeling your home, which can cost a lot of money. But with some creativity and a little bit of elbow grease, you can DIY your way to a home full of character and personality, without breaking the bank. 

Frame the Views
Window treatments can get expensive very quickly. But updating the frame of your view outside doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Simply hang your draperies higher than the actual windows to make the room feel larger. You can even add sheers behind your curtains for added depth.

Use Unused Spaces
In almost every home, there is a space that is unused, whether it be a corner in the living room or a window seat. Give those spaces a purpose, even if that purpose is a card table for games, some pillows for a quiet place to sit and read, or a spot for an interesting piece of furniture. 

Display Savvy Storage Options
No matter the room, there always seems to be a need for extra storage. Instead of spending hundreds on a new cabinet or wall shelving, utilize new and interesting pieces. Have an old dresser you no longer use? Remove the drawer pulls and place them on the wall for a unique way to store household items. Even hang up a drawer organizer on the wall to store sunglasses and keys in your foyer. 

Get Creative With Cabinets
A simple and cost-effective way to add a little something to your space can be done with paint. Bring new life to your kitchen by painting the cabinets a bright color. Or, paint a few stencils on the cabinets in the bathroom to add depth and detail. Change out door handles and drawer pulls for a small design change that can result in a big impact.  

Don’t Forget the Doors
Most homeowners can go their whole life without ever changing the doorknobs throughout the house. Of course, the front door may already have some character, but why not add a little personality to your bedroom or bathroom door? Most home improvement stores and websites offer a variety of doorknobs, simply or elaborately designed, that can add a touch of personality to any space.