7 High-End Kitchen Design Elements

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High-end kitchen designs are continually changing and evolving. Whether your kitchen plans involve a refresh or a complete redesign, keeping it current means staying up-to-date on kitchen trends. Today’s luxury kitchen is at the intersection of function, technology and aesthetics, so combining these elements will create the ultimate high-end kitchen. Read on to learn the aspects every luxury kitchen needs to have.

Double Kitchen Island
One oversized island is excellent, but two are better. Kitchen islands are the focal point of a kitchen and are usually where friends and family gather. A kitchen island is also the primary place for food prep. With two kitchen islands, one can be used to prepare a meal, complete with a sink or stovetop, while the other island can be used for grazing and gathering.

Quartzite Counters
Contrary to misconception, quartzite is not comparable to quartz. Quartzite is a natural stone that looks like marble, with the durability of granite. However, quartzite is more expensive than both marble and granite, as it’s not as accessible.

Smart Kitchens
Kitchen technology is a standard design element in luxury kitchens. From the lighting to the faucet, kitchen technology can be integrated into the design plan. Imagine preheating your oven on your commute home, having a motion sensor faucet so you don’t have to touch the handle with dirty hands. This refrigerator tells you when grocery items are running low so that you can set the lighting from your smartphone.

Creative Storage Solutions
Ample storage is a true luxury, and kitchen storage solutions can be limitless. Determining how you currently use—and want to use—your kitchen will help you create a list of the kitchen storage solutions to help you most seamlessly navigate your kitchen. For example, taking your upper cabinets down to the counter will create a space to seamlessly hide your small appliances, such as a coffee maker or toaster. In addition, kitchen cabinets and drawers can be custom designed to accommodate essentially any configuration you can dream up, whether it’s silverware, appliances, dishes or space storage.

For a completely streamlined design, hidden appliances will create an ultra-high-end look common in luxury kitchens. The refrigerator will blend in seamlessly with the rest of the cabinets, creating a seamless aesthetic.

Upgraded Walk-In Pantry
A new walk-in pantry can be more than simply a place to store food. These unique and improved versions can also serve as a second kitchen, housing a spare dishwasher, beverage refrigerators or coffee bars. Designing this space like an independent room will make it pleasant to organize and enjoyable in which to spend time.

Bringing In the Outdoors
Ample outdoor space is a luxury, and bringing the outdoors inside makes daily life feel like a vacation. Ensuring your kitchen has easy access to your outdoor patio, deck or outdoor kitchen will seamlessly let you prepare food inside and enjoy a meal outdoors. Extending your existing kitchen windows may cut down on cabinet space, but the sunlight you receive in exchange will be well worth it.

Mixing Metals
Mixing metals in a kitchen can create a layered, luxe designer look to an otherwise monotone kitchen. To avoid going overboard, select two metals: a prominent metal and an accent metal. This combination will add depth while making the design appear intentional. A traditional metal, such as polished nickel, is best for more permanent fixtures, such as a faucet, while a more on-trend metal, such as brushed brass, can be used for light fixtures or cabinet hardware.

A high-end kitchen goes beyond aesthetics. A true luxury kitchen allows you to function with conveniences available at your fingertips comfortably.