Custom Window Tips to Improve Home’s Curb Appeal

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If you’re looking to give your home a facelift, custom windows can dramatically impact the home’s aesthetic, as well as its overall function. Custom windows will improve your house’s curb appeal and interior style, as well as window performance over the next several decades. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom windows, custom window options, and more.

Benefits of Custom Windows 
Custom windows offer many benefits in addition to improving your home’s overall aesthetic. Older windows can be less functional and less energy efficient. New custom windows can provide different functionality and change frame material, size and color. Below are some of the top benefits of custom windows.

Create a Focal Point: An oversized bay window or a custom-shaped window can be a room’s exquisite centerpiece. A custom-shaped window can come in various shapes and sizes to match your home’s style and architecture.
Improve Curb Appeal: Custom windows create a significant impact on a home’s exterior and curb appeal and make an unforgettable first impression that has the power to change the look of the house completely.
Natural Light: Nothing illuminates a space more than natural light, and custom windows can allow more natural light into a room. A living room is a space where custom windows can transform the room simply by allowing the natural light to shine through.

Custom Window Options
Integrating various window types creates a home with interest, architectural detail, and varying degrees of light. Below are different customization options to give your home’s aesthetic a significant refresh.

Vary the Window Size: Increasing your window sizes will brighten up the space by allowing more light to shine through, transforming dark rooms into bright, airy spaces. Additional custom features such as adding sidelights and transoms to your doors will also help maximize the amount of light you’re bringing into space and will flood your entryway with natural light.
Incorporate Different Grille Patterns: Window grille patterns can enhance a home’s architectural accuracy. Traditional style homes, like a Colonial, often have a busier grille pattern, whereas a mid-century modern home usually has more oversized windows with no grilles. Different grille patterns, the color of the grilles, and the width of the window grilles can also impact the windows aesthetic. 
Update the Window Color: While white and black are often the most common window colors, most windows can come in a wide variety of colors, dramatically impacting a home’s aesthetic.
Change the Window Style: Changing your existing window’s style can significantly transform your home’s aesthetic. This may mean changing a double-hung window to a bay window to allow more light to come in and provide additional seating, or changing a sliding door to French doors to create a more dramatic look. 

Window Treatments
Once your new windows are installed, outfitting them with custom window treatments will make a difference in elevating your space. For example, custom drapery or shades can frame the window, create an illusion of even more oversized windows and tie the overall area together.

While windows can sometimes be overlooked during renovation projects, they can dramatically impact a home’s interior aesthetic and curb appeal. Custom windows can completely change a home’s appearance and how the overall space feels.