How Many Houses Look at Before I Purchase?

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Every buyer is different and therefore the number of properties a buyer will look at prior to purchasing will be an individual choice. There are some factors to take into consideration though to reduce the number of houses viewed in person yet still feel comfortable that you have done your research and found the best home for you.

Online Search
Many home buyers will start their search online. This is a great time saver. Buyers can quickly get an idea of the types of homes, features and pricing of certain homes in desired areas. Since it often takes 20-30 minutes to go through a home in person plus the drive time to and from each property, it is easy to see why viewing homes online is ideal.

Must-Have Features
Be sure to create a list of your desired features in your new home: the city or area; the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; and if a garage, basement or certain size lot is important. Once you know your must-have features, it will be easier to narrow down your search and avoid looking at homes that do not meet these criteria. Be sure to only list your must-have features so you do not miss out on a great home.

Getting pre-approved before beginning your home search is key. Otherwise you could waste valuable time and have your heart set on something you cannot afford. When you have a lender pre-approve you to purchase, you will know your required down payment, your cash needed at closing and your monthly payments. You may realize that you qualify for more of a payment but decide that you will feel more comfortable with your monthly payment in a lower range. Having a lender review your finances prior to beginning your home search will save you time.

There are no set rules when it comes to how many homes a buyer should view before making an offer. Being prepared though will save you time. Prepared buyers on average see approximately 5 to 6 houses in person before deciding to make an offer. This could change though from buyer to buyer depending upon their home work!