Show Your Value As a Realtor!

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All Realtors at some point in their career have been asked by a client what services they will receive that justify the commission. There are so many tasks that a Realtor performs in the sale of a property but the most important thing is to show your value to the client.

Knowledge and Experience
In addition to their initial training, Realtors participate in ongoing continuing education, real estate meetings, training sessions and conventions often. They are always perfecting their craft and gaining knowledge that they can use in the field. Realtors are also learning with every transaction. Realtors learn the markets, the cycles and the sales prices. Also since no two transactions are alike, there is often a need to research an aspect of the deal whether it is a local government law, how a trust needs to be handled or a city’s point of sale requirement.

Negotiating Skills
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Realtors are negotiating deals for their clients every day, often several times per day. It is a major part of the job. Since Realtors negotiate often, they build the skills necessary to put transactions together. They know what factors need to be taken into consideration when countering an offer to get the most desired outcome for their clients.

Exceptional Customer Service
Providing exceptional customer service to your clients is another way to show your value. Answering your phones or returning missed calls timely is ranked as the most important customer service trait by many home buyers and sellers. Keeping clients informed throughout their transaction is the next most important trait. Letting your clients know the upcoming steps in a transaction is critical and although many see this as an expected activity to providing good customer service, many consider it as above and beyond service.

The Golden Rule
Treat others as you would like to be treated. This is the golden rule and it should be followed in every business transaction and real estate is no exception. Buying or selling a home is often the client’s largest transaction and therefore should be treated with the utmost importance. Keeping this rule in mind will cause a Realtor to be proactive in their dealings with clients rather than reactive.

Showing your value to your clients is key. Realtors have so much knowledge and experience to share with their clients as well as showcasing their negotiating skills. These attributes will help the client receive the most from their real estate experience. Providing exceptional customer service and following the golden rule will keep the clients coming back!