Relationships with credible contractors are key in this business. If Real Estate By recommends a mortgage originator, a title company, or a local trade, it will either be someone we have worked with personally or someone who one of our past clients has used with favorable results.

Otherwise, we will not put our name on a recommendation. When we do make a recommendation, we advise our clients that a contractor is provided as a courtesy. All homeowners should exercise caution when hiring a contractor and should obtain more than one contractor proposal for all desired work.

Homeowners who use a contractor that we recommend will agree to hold Real Estate By and its agents harmless.

William G. Morris

William G. Morris, Esq.

For all of your Title, Escrow, and Legal needs.

Building a relationship with a company that can handle real estate closings is very important. It helps facilitate smoother transactions and on-time closings. We are proud to work with a real estate attorney who is very knowledgeable about the local real estate contracts and is efficient with the closings.